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ROI Commercial Real Estate, Inc. was born from a creative vision and a passion for developing strategic solutions with inspiration, knowledge and exceptional execution. ROI’s inspiration is reflected in the development and growth of opportunities in the value creation or development business. Every opportunity has complexity, risk, and challenge. It may be a slight environmental issue; a property located in a fringe area; a neglected, obsolete or tired property; excessive vacancy or insufficient current cash flow; a current use, which may not be it’s highest and best. Or, there may simply be a timing problem: only a brief window of time to take advantage of an apparent bargain.

During the 1980’s ROI’s founder, Barbara Nelson, witnessed the free-spending and irresponsible lending of the commercial financial institutions. Office towers were being built in down town Seattle at a rate of two a year in a market place that could only absorb one every three years. There was easy money. In 1984 the office market in Seattle crashed. The shopping center industry was going strong and every smart developer switched from office development and built shopping centers including Barbara Nelson. Ms. Nelson saw the contraction of the financial institutions; particularly those who put too much capital during the Office Development “boom”. The Savings and Loan financial world blew apart in 1992 and the development world smarted from the profit-taking credit crunch of those institutions. The developers experienced these institutions tightening their criteria of lending practices and even exiting the lending business all together. Developers were losing their projects, their equity and their investors. 1993 the industry’s motto was “stay alive until 1995.” ROI did this. They were smart. They re-grouped and used their expertise to help retailers come into the Washington market. They leased other property owner’s projects that needed help getting tenants. ROI developed their own business by taking the years of development expertise and found clients that appreciated their talents.

In the past 20 years Ms. Nelson and ROI Commercial Real Estate, Inc. have been involved in or responsible for the initial success of: The Westin World office headquarters, Seattle Washington; 520 Pike Office Tower, Seattle, WA.; Sister of Providence, West Seattle Health Clinic, West Seattle, WA; Ballinger Village Shopping Center, Seattle, WA; Cascade Commons Shopping Center, Hood river, Oregon, Powell Street Station Shopping Center, Portland, OR.; Twin City Center shopping center, Longview, WA.; Airport Place office building, SeaTac, WA.; Ross Plaza Shopping Center; Silverdale, WA.; Clearwater Spas Headquarters, Woodinville, WA; Woodinville Fire Life Safety District 31 new headquarters, Woodinville, WA. , Society of Saint Vincent de Paul new retail store, Kenmore, WA, Pier One Imports new retail stores in Lynnwood, 2 in Spokane, Tacoma Mall, Issaquah, and Redmond, WA., Maltby Valley View Industrial Park, Maltby, WA.; Everett, Auburn, Maple Valley, Woodinville and Normandy Park, Washington locations for Kid’s County, Inc.

The opportunity, as viewed through ROI’s development background, has been to successfully identify the buyer or seller who wishes to participate with the deal’s risk. Sellers and Buyers recognize the value hiding under the dirt, because they can also recognize the talents of a company that has energy and expertise to uncover that value.

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