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Real estate presents complex issues and alternatives that affect everything from a company’s bottom line to its ability to attract and retain employees. A company’s real estate is either an asset or a liability. In 2000, Seattle’s downtown area ranked as the seventh most expensive office markets in North America, at $41.00 per square foot compared to $34.00 in 1999.

The market is still tight. A market in equilibrium typically has 6 to 8 percent of total space vacant, Seattle’s current vacancy is half that of that. Those who own Commercial Real Estate in Seattle are less likely to sell in times like these, making it difficult for a buyer to find great deals.

A buyer of real estate should be prepared to pick your top three buildings and make a final decision in half the normal time. Today’s extraordinary marketplace raises the stakes for real estate decisions. But no matter what the situation a company or investor may be facing, expert assistance can help you maximize your options.

ROI Commercial Real Estate, Inc has been helping clients purchase real estate for over twenty years. The first part is the evaluation of their client’s needs and objectives. Is it to own and occupy or purchase with a “return on investment”? If it is an investment purchase then the most important step a good realtor can do for their client is to do the background check into the property and into the tenants of the property. One must also do research into the seller of the property. Many times a company could be having a falling out with the current owner of the property and are making plans to leave the building when their lease is up. A realtor can help the new buyer with the buyer’s due diligence in the history of the property. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for this research. This is money well spent and should not be deemed a minor investigation. ROI has knowledge in all aspects of building design, structure and mechanical expertise.

80% of ROI Commercial Real Estate, Inc.’s business is in the sale of properties. ROI works the entire state of Washington. ROI has found that the market areas outside of downtown Seattle and Bellevue are better investments for the smaller investor of income producing properties. There is plenty of opportunity to turn around a property that has been under producing by smart attention to detail. ROI excels on this point. ROI’s clients have found that by keeping ROI involved in all aspects of the property including property management, leasing, new development and financing or re-financing, that the property is insured a much higher return on the investment.

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